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$365 billion

We’re sharing this data to encourage dialogue, further investigation, and action to build the digital economy. If you have questions about any of the information presented here, or if you’d like to explore custom data from the survey, contact Paul Roehrig or Ben Pring.

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About the Data

A total of 2,454 respondents from North America (40%), Europe (40%), APAC (16%) and the Middle East (4%) participated in the survey conducted in January 2016. The respondents represented C-suite decision makers, mid-level managers, MBA students, and Futurists. The business leaders represented a cross section of six industries – Finance, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Insurance, Retail, Manufacturing. All companies had more than $250M+ revenue. Together these companies accounted for about $7.3 trillion in total revenue over the past year.

The study was conducted with research and economic support from Roubini ThoughtLab, an independent thought leadership consultancy. Roubini ThoughtLab is a joint venture with eConsult Solutions, a leading economic consultancy. It was founded by CEO Lou Celi and noted economist Dr. Nouriel Roubini.

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About the Study Authors

Paul Roehrig, PhD, is Vice President and Global Managing Director at Cognizant’s Center for The Future of Work. He was formerly a Principal Analyst at Forrester Research and is also a co-founder of Cognizant Digital Works. Paul can be reached at

Ben Pring is Vice President and Director for Cognizant’s Future for the Center of Work. He was previously a Research Vice President at Gartner. In 2008 he was awarded Gartner’s prestigious annual Thought Leadership Award. Ben can be reached at

Paul and Ben – along with Malcolm Frank – are co-authors of Code Halos: How the Digital Lives of People, Things, and Organizations are Changing the Rules of Business.

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